We Was Them

An allegory on life in refuge, sharing a self-made reality, an acquired confinement in the company of a rebel and others

Five individuals retreat to an abandoned domain, far away from the world. They train themselves mentally and physically as a defense strategy against intruders, but realize  danger comes from within. They become captive of each other, of their own, their fears and desires. They are not only in the now, they have woken up  hidden ghosts and memories  lying around in this forsaken place.

We Was Them — 3

One hour can sometimes take longer than a lifetime, contain more truth than a lifetime, make a bigger difference  than a lifetime, make a whole life worth living, carry more risks than a lifetime; sometimes it’s harder to make a choice in one hour than in a lifetime; sometimes people know each other better in one hour than in a lifetime.

Excellent performance by Hans Van den Broeck. We see a group of people approaching each other, fighting, the onset for a lot of memorable scenes and a very demanding physical dance. Even if the theme seems brutal, everything is treated choreographically and poetically…

La Libre Belgique10/10/2009
We Was Them — 11
We Was Them — 2
We Was Them — 4
We Was Them — 6

Very stimulating, exciting, and esthetically daring piece (…). Amazing game of perception and storytelling (...). It is like the equivalent of 'Speaking in tongues' or like 'Lord of the Flies': intoxicating

Frankfurter Neue Presse27/11/2009
Hans Van den Broeck