Café Prückel

Location performance — A secret cult meets an enigmatic leader and faces inner demons

Café Prückel is a piece about table conversations, well-kept secrets and keeping up appearances. The main characters are sitting at tables, spread in a bar. The audience is present in the room and can choose where to go and stand, sit or walk. The performers seem to be average pub-goers, until they suddenly start sharing their thoughts and feelings and telling short stories, seemingly unrelated to each other. Every person leads her own life. However, after a while the characters seem to have more in common than thought at first sight. They share a secret.

Café Prückel — 4
Café Prückel — 9
Café Prückel — 8
Café Prückel — 6

Memories come to light that slowly unveil the mystery: the mystery of life in a sect. None of the speakers have ever seen the leader of the sect, an enigmatic authoritative creature, in person. Now he or she has promised them an encounter at last…

Café Prückel is a location project, originally created in the renowned Café Prückel in Vienna. Hans Van den Broeck and two of his performers collaborated during a short and intense period of time with a heterogeneous group of local professional and semi-professional actors in the frame of ImPulsTanz Festival 2010.

Embrace your life then crawl into the earth
Embrace your death and scream it's not yet over
Embrace your thinking and then go wildly mad
Embrace your religion then torture all your gods
Embrace your family then send them to the desert
Embrace your lovers then betray them every night
Embrace your body then starve it to the bone
Embrace your dog then grind him to minced meat
Embrace your money then burn it on a pile
Embrace your grace then spit on shiny shoes
Embrace the singing then scream till you are hoarse
Embrace the praying then tell them dirty jokes
Embrace your eyes and then wash them with acid
Embrace their face then carve it with a knife
Embrace all citizens then taunt them off a cliff
Embrace your house then burn it all to ashes
Embrace your joy then grieve all morning long
Embrace your food then vomit on that plate
Embrace your learning and then forget your name
Embrace your pride and then beg for just a penny
Embrace your ego and chew out your own heart
Embrace your beauty then disfigure all your kin
Embrace your greed then give your kids away
Embrace your politicians and then cut of their balls
Embrace your enemy then abandon all your friends
embrace your life then crawl into the earth
Café Prückel — 10
Café Prückel — 7
Café Prückel — 11
Hans Van den Broeck