Settlement Sydney

A performance on a temporary settlement on the outskirts of society

We built our temporary camp far away from the rest of the world, across the Black Leaky River, that no-one else could cross, unless for a ‘yes’ from the majority of voters.
We built a film-set, constructed a pre-fab make-believe with cardboard, plastic, wood and branches from the trees outside.  It would not withstand real raindrops falling on our walls and roofs.
We acted in discontinuity.  We spoke with no words and screamed with understanding.
We decided to drink the water of our own river.
We made our own rules and started defying them from the onset.

Settlement was created during a 2 week Performance Space residency in the CarriageWorks studios.

Settlement Sydney — 12
Settlement Sydney — 24
Settlement Sydney — 36
One by one we will abandon our settlement. We might, sometimes, want to return
Settlement Sydney — 39
Settlement Sydney — 29
Settlement Sydney — 15

These Are The Rules

  • Report anything unusual to the others
  • We must not lie for the sake of others
  • We must respect the loneliness of others
  • We must combine our thoughts
  • We only take as much as we can use at any one time
  • We must look people in the eye at least once every day
  • We must try to laugh at least once a day
  • We must say audible things to one that all may share
  • We can contest a rule if it interferes with our sense of liberty
  • We should try to wear our pants inside out and back to front
  • We can take a nap in somebody else’s tent if the tent flap is open
  • We must be at first considerate
  • You must have your brush in hand before entering the kitchen area
  • Do not enter another’s shelter without permission of two
  • A line must be drawn before crossing this point
  • No one can make a decision without a group meeting of at least 6
  • No exceptions to the no exceptions rule
  • Section heads must be obeyed in all things
  • We must work together to maintain the best shelter possible
  • We must make sure our food tastes good
  • We should never eat alone
  • We must never lose our skills
  • We should not complain about the weather
  • We should always fold our washing
  • We must eat with our eyes open
  • We must lie on the ground facing east
  • We must wait for the sun before bathing
  • We must not cross the river alone
  • We can talk to the world on a Tuesday
  • We must be aware of material emotional and practical boundaries
  • We must allow others to offer
  • We must learn to accept
  • Roles must be clear
  • We should circulate our tools
  • We must offer body warmth after 6pm
  • Initiate dialogue
  • Consider privacy
Settlement Sydney — 32
Hans Van den Broeck