Rosegarden 2013

Open Impro Evenings in Brussels

The goal is to create an alternating open impro group that operates under a variety of parameters, paradigms & rules. On the evening itself, different ideas and propositions will be tried and tested.

An eclectic, open and public  group will be hosted and guided by the core-group of performers from the Rosegarden. The impro sessions in the Rosegarden are conducted by a rotating system with a headlining MASTER OF CEREMONY/MC. The MC is responsible for dramaturgical/technical interventions and propositions that are guidelines for the impro group to fine tune their listening.  The MC sets the timing and rhythm and can stop ongoing impro’s abruptly. No personal offence should be taken.

The ROSEGARDEN impro-sessions are open to dancers/actors/composers/visual artists/curious artists of all ages/interest and backgrounds from Brussels and beyond.

These sessions are also public and open to an audience. We sincerely welcome participants who prefer to observe rather then to  take part in the impro. Both parties are absolutely necessary and crucial to create a focused and energized public platform for research.  The purpose is a mutual meeting and experiment, a labo that operates under the boundaries of performance/performing. It can travel between different disciplines: from text, movement, to visual installation, exercise, …. it leads to in promptu impros, exercises, games with short duration, guided and halted by the MC. They are a public confrontation and an open research, it’s an event of trial and error-  to watch and be watched. There’s is no final outcome,  no future result – nothing will be repeated later nor reproduced. It’s research, short and fast, into the here and the now.