During the month of November 2008 SOIT created a new show in Sydney/Australia, ‘NOMADS’, coproduced by the Performance Space and subsidised by the `Australian Government’ & `Australia Council’. Hans Van den Broeck & Anuschka Von Oppen worked with a team of 8 performers and 3 artistic collabortors (video, light and sound).

‘NOMADS’ is a continuation of the `Settlement’ projects and shows us life in a closed community `on the run’. The travellers undertake a journey away from the past, without the desire to hold on to the present.

It is a physical, dynamic show, a continuous flow only interrupted by the hastily building of temporary, simple housings; even the `confession booth’ is taken with them on their  expedition.

Nomads — 1
Nomads — 2
Nomads — 3
Nomads — 4
Nomads — 5
Nomads — 6
I’ve been walking for days, sometimes I run, just when I have to. I'm on a hunt. I chase the air, the wind- an indefinite smile. I tread lands and rivers and blow fire from eyes and never flinch. I run because tears pulled the strings of a tidal wave. I run as it gains and approaches.
I run, as I do not know whether the wave will glide with me, above me, or wipe me out all together.
No I'm not tired yet.
Days have passed and I still haven't seen anyone, and no I'm not lonely yet. I've passed several cities now and chase fluttering phantomsI keep on and check to see if the memory is still there. It's gone and the wave too.
I feel a drop and it starts to rain, but I never slip.
I've hit a wall, it receives me; I walk through.
A slight black out occurs. My legs haven’t stopped, but my view is different. Something’s changed.
I’m inside now. Have I been swallowed?
The landscape is very different here. I’ve passed some sort of checkpoint. It’s warm and I no longer seem to be outside.
The lights are dimming and I wake up.
Nomads — 14
Nomads — 24
Nomads — 23
Hans Van den Broeck