Messiah Run!

On the need and uselesness of a new messiah — a fragmented search for meaning in our equally fragmented 21st century

New times call up new questions. In MESSIAH RUN! six dancers employ a raw and visceral movement vocabulary to give shape to the search for meaning in a fragmented and hectic world. They do so amidst a scenography of hundred chairs. The chair, a symbol of stability, does not provide us with support anymore. The dancers dig within themselves and arise as Messiahs, voicing their visions in which the personal and the societal merge. The fact that every sort of message can be sent out into the world no matter what, is questioned and has to give way to an energetic and overwhelming dance vocabulary, taking the audience on a trip full of visual and filmic tours de force.

Messiah Run! — 1
Be one being
Be one being able to be one
One being able
Being able to be
One enabling the unable
Be able to enable your abilities of being
one being able to enable
enable the disabled, enable their ability
Be unable to be anything but able
Be able to be able to be able
Disabled to be unable
Be one
Be one being
Be one being enabling the disabled
Disable the disability of the disabled,
Enabling those with ther abillity not being able

Every scene provokes amazement and self-reflection

Els Van SteenbergheKnack Focus30/02/2012

Very recognizable and touching images and an intense choreography

Eline Van de VoordeCutting Edge16/02/2012
Now is the time to know your neighbours, you never know when you may need them
Talk to the loser
The world is full of kings and queens who blind your eyes and steal your dreams
Hans Van den Broeck