En Servicio

8 people wander through a 'here and now' constructed reality, as actors/actresses of their own lives

At first sitting in the audience, their thoughts seep out, become audible for all, and in a decisive moment they jump on stage. From that point on they live whatever they find or find out, as almighty gods, fabricating instant moments of truth, becoming physically enlivened or even possessed by each event, and in those actions they are hindered or supported by the others. They are pursued by a paradox, on the one hand no longer wanting to be at the service of something or someone else and following another’s feelings, and on the other hand wanting to submit to the common impulse to disappear and to erase the person they are. Finally disappearing into a piece of material.

En Servicio — 10
En Servicio — 10
For a table on an empty floor has no feelings of doubt, fear or desire. It stands solidly and eternally there
Hans Van den Broeck