KRAFTWERK BIELE – Hamburg 2021

A collaboration as assistant dramaturgy and set designer on the work of Hamburg-based choreographer, Dagmar Bock. 

The project ‘Le Don  (working title) is a visual project/art video that focuses on an individual  escaping the past and inner daemons. Battling the menacing reality of a hostile, lonely landscape. It is filmed in the magnificent setting of  a power central, Kraftwerk Biele, evoking vaste wastelands. The protagonist is faced by an authoritarian, eyeless, looming army and tracked down,  monitored and chased by an autonomous drone. What/who is this floating entity?…observing relentlessly.Or is it an illusion, a self-inflicted fear, a hovering menace from the inner soul? 

The release of the art video le Don is programmed for 2022

Hans Van den Broeck