Settlement Wellington

Settlement was created during a 2 week residency in the print Factory with 25 performers

Settlement Wellington — 6
Settlement Wellington — 5
Settlement Wellington — 4

These are the rules

  • from our ankles up we live in the sky
  • from our souls down we touch the ground
  • we must be mindfull of the time
  • lights out by 8 pm on a sunday
  • we shall assume resonance
  • Powertools must be loaned from and returned to Geoff
  • never eat more then you are given
  • we should try not to read each other’s mind
  • we should always look our best
  • we must respect those who are sleeping
  • we must treasure our memories
  • we should plant when we are fertile
  • we must always share, hourding is not permitted
  • we should always have a laugh on wednesdays
  • don’t take what is not yours
  • we should recycle, re-use, repair
  • Check C D L – Co-Dependency Level if group interactions become suspicious
  • never forget to water the trees
  • we must never discuss matters concerning cleaning, money and religion
  • we must not develop the photos !!! NEVER !
  • we must never ask the time when daylight
  • we must collect water for drinking in the morning
  • we must never cheat ourselves
  • we must tell stories of the future and never of the past
  • we must give & receive eyecontact but only to those we respect
  • we should rotate roles and tasks once a week
  • we should never be violent to another thing
  • we should greet by touching foreheads
  • silence is to be observed on sunday mornings before lunch
  • all must be present at communal meetings
  • we should admit & surrender to our deepest flaws
  • we must respect the 7 hairstyles
  • spitting will not be tolerated
  • we should strive to be carbon neutral
  • the group should not always be trusted
  • we must sweep the sky’s floor clean
  • you must not be jealous of the gods
  • we must caress the spine of our neighbour , when the clouds are weeping
  • let there be life or else all dies
  • we must wait once in a while
  • we can visit HER only once
  • we must not dream on a regular basis
  • we can imagine what was
  • we should not ask who puts the water there
  • one can contact family & friends once a month
  • all heads down for 5 seconds after eating
  • weekly trainig of the C C S – Communal Combative Strategies are mandatory for all ages

Facinating intrigue in a theatre of imaginary

Crazy camp ground for refugees of the imagination

Settlement Wellington — 3
Settlement Wellington — 2
Hans Van den Broeck