Almost Dark

As people live their daily lives, they forget that they are also living the thoughts, fears and desires of others before them. it is a subconscious memory, one we share across generations. we are the voices and the minds of the past.
not only do we share a common knowledge over time, a recollection of taboos and fears; we also undergo its influence in what we do now. in the extreme, our lives will be a repetition of primal, past reactions, an eternal recurrence of the same answers and the same behaviour.

Surprising and upsetting, ‘Almost Dark ‘is the anti-thesis of the traditional performance. It doesn’t pretend to give answers, but wants to elicit questions with the audience by introducing the uncertain and intriguing universe of the unconscious. Difficult exercise, for sure; a paradox in itself, certainly; a constructive experience, without a doubt

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The cycle stops if we attempt to face the unknown and assimilate it. if not, we are bound to repeat endlessly what has been suppressed. if we come back to the ‘stage’ of the first experience, we will bring an end to the endless repetition.

Almost Dark' permet de franchir dans la qualité une nouvelle étape de l’art chorégraphique

La Voix du Nord
Hans Van den Broeck