When words are searching for an exit - a performance on the manifestation of inner anger

‘Roadrage’ explores the road we take to channel our demons, dilemmas and the daily clutter of emotions.

We find that time does not alter our primal reflexes nor does it develop or refine our strategies. Our mental weapons and defense mechanisms remain the same in the face of ulterior turmoil. Our past souls are not archived nor carbonized but operate as vibrantly and vigilantly as ever before.

In ‘Roadrage’ we expose and explore internal rage or anger by molding it into a vocal and physical performance. This performance is composed of different elements which channel the continuous stream and onslaught of the verbal and physical rage of the performers.

A piece made by SOIT and 2nd year Acting and Scenography students at Norwegian Theatre Academy/HiØ

Roadrage — 3
Roadrage — 5
Hans Van den Broeck